Through more than 100 sessions and 4 roundtables over 3 days (13-15 June, 2018), the  Biennial academic conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), which took place at Sciences Po, Paris, provided a unique opportunity for political scientists and EU scholars to share information, research and empirical evidence on the internal and external challenges the European Union (EU) is facing  today in the context of Brexit negotiations and the rise of Euroscepticism about the future of the European integration.

A variety of topics were brought to discussion examining the state of the Brexit process and its consequences for both the EU and the UK itself, the party politics and the new electoral dynamics in the EU Member states, the European law and EU policies, the EU governance, Member states’ coordination in EU external affairs, especially after the Brexit, etc.

The EU*Asia Institute of ESSCA was represented at the ECPR Conference by Anna Dimitrova, Associate Professor in International Affairs, who presented a joint paper with Kristian Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School) on “The Return of Jacksonianism in US Foreign Policy under the Trump Presidency: a Risk or an Opportunity for Europe?”. This paper seeks to put together some of the arguments on the current challenges and the future course of the EU-US relations, which the two authors have developed separately in two of the articles published in the special issue “The Trump Presidency: What Challenges for the United States and Europe?” of L’Europe en formation (N° 382, Spring 2017).



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