The research network on « The EU as a global actor in sustainability policy« , supported by Alliance Europa, will hold its next workshop on 7-8 May 2020 in Budapest, and the call for papers starts is open!

You have until Friday 10, January 2020 to propose a paper and send a 200-word abstract to Dr Kristina Kurze ( and Prof Thomas Hoerber (

Ideally, the papers should address at least one of the following themes:

  • EU foreign policy-making for sustainable development
  • EU and the global energy transition
  • EU sustainability policy towards International Organisations (IOs), Regional Organisations (ROs), neighbouring countries as well as other world regions (i.e. Asia, Latin America, Africa)
  • EU member states’ external sustainability policies in comparative perspective
  • EU relations with emerging powers (BRICS etc.)
  • Perceptions of the EU as a global actor in sustainability policy (outside-in perspective)
  • Impact of external sustainability policy on European integration

To consult the full Call for Papers in PDF format : Click Here


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