3-4 October 2019, Roskilde (Denmark)

On 3-4 October a workshop was held in Roskilde, Denmark, on Environment and Energy Policies. This event was made possible thanks to the support of Alliance Europa, which entirely funded the workshop and provided travel grants along with the GovTran Network, in order to enable 6 talented early careers researchers to participate. 13 participants, representing several Southern, Central and Western European countries took part in the event, in addition to 2 researchers who unfortunately could not attend the seminar in person and gave their presentation via Skype. The diversity of the participants allowed a broad discussion, where different yet complementary opinions were exchanged on the various challenges in national energy and climate change policies. DISCUSSIONS AND TOPICS: The papers presented at the workshop covered three themes:

  • Economic models and sustainability: Rosa Fernandez discussed green fiscal systems and green financing, whilst Gabriel Weber presented a paper on degrowth and CSR.
  • Climate and energy policies: Jana Gheuens gave her first academic presentation and asked “how myopic is EU climate and energy policy?”, followed by Simona Davidescu who compared central and eastern EU member states national energy-climate plans. Matus Misik discussed the importance of coal for energy security in Slovakia. Finally, Javanshir Fouladvan talked about local energy communities. The papers created a lively debate about changes in energy policies and the role of climate change.
  • External dimensions of energy policy: Kristina Kurze presented her paper about the EU energy community in relation to energy transition in southeast Europe. Via Skype, Pedro Ponte e Sousa via skype talked about environmental policy in Portuguese foreign policy.

OUTCOME: The network leaders (Thomas Hoerber, Kristina Kurze and Helene Dyrhauge) decided to edit a collective volume that will bring together the papers from the Roskilde workshop with the network’s forthcoming workshop on Europe in the world, thereby developing a high-level publication that combines internal and external dimensions of European energy and climate policies. Kristina Kurze and Helene Dyrhauge will submit a book proposal to Routledge and organise a workshop on this publication in July 2020 in Newcastle.

Here are some additional photos of the presentations:



The workshop programme is available here

See the project page

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