Tuesday, 26 February 2019 (Shanghai)
China and the World: Inside a Changing Economic Relationship – with Jonathan Woetzel (Director of the McKinsey Global Institute)

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When: Tuesday, February 26th, 19:45 – 21:00

Where: 259 Jiashan Road, Jiashan Market, Block A, #37 嘉善路259弄37号嘉善老市A栋近建国西路地铁九号线

Hosts: ESSCA School of Management & USC Alumni Club of Shanghai

Admission: 100 RMB / One Drink

Entrence Fee: Visitors of this event will be charged an entrance fee. More information to come.

RSVP to Frank Tsai at editor@shanghai-review.org.

The past decade appears to have ushered in a new context for China and the world. As technology, capital, and flows of trade between China and the world have shifted, China’s exposure to the world (measured by the magnitude of flows with the rest of the world relative to its economy) has declined over the past decade. At the same time, the world’s exposure to China (the magnitude of flows with China relative to the global economy) has increased since 2000. Concurrent to this trend, the nature of China’s rise is coming under much greater scrutiny. Criticism has been voiced or example about China’s policies to support technology transfer from foreign to local firms, weak intellectual-property protection, and industrial policies that favor domestic players. To explain this shift in China’s place in the world economy and changing perceptions of China, Dr. Jonathan Woetzel, Director of the McKinsey Global Institute, will provide for us insights from the report he authored for McKinsey released just two months ago.

Jonathan Woetzel is Senior Partner in McKinsey’s Shanghai office and Asia Director of the McKinsey Global Institute. In addition to his work advising domestic Chinese and multinational businesses on their strategic issues, he also co-leads the Urban China Initiative (UCI), a think tank devoted to transforming China’s urban future, and is a lecturer at Beijing University’s Guanghua School of Management and the China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS), and an honorary lecturer at Jiaotong University’s Antai Business School. He is co-author of The One Hour China Consumer Book (2015) and The One Hour China Book (2014), co-author of Operation China: From Strategy to Execution (2007) and the author of Capitalist China: Strategies for a Revolutionized Economy (2003). Woetzel holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Southern California.

China Crossroads hosts talks on all topics related to China, including business, foreign policy, and other areas as they relate to China, the idea being that China is both already a “crossroads” of the world and itself at a “crossroads” in terms of its future global influence. For more information, contact Frank Tsai at editor@shanghai-review.org.




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