Call for Contribution

Space Power and Politics Book Series, Routledge, London

Download here the Call for Contribution. The Space Power and Politics series has provided a forum where space policy and historical issues can be explored and examined in-depth. It is one of the most longstanding book series in the field having produced works that examine civil, commercial, and military uses of space. The analysis of space power and politics has always been an interdisciplinary endeavor. The book series will therefore consider manuscripts from all disciplines. Past publication have been focused in International Politics, Strategy, and Political Economy. However, contributions from History, Political Science, Economics and Business Studies and European Studies are particularly welcome. We are especially interested in book proposals featuring primary research on government and private space programs on the following topics: – technological developments – conflict and cooperation – security issues – the commercialization of space services – the popularisation of Space, including academic papers on Science Fiction – political theory applied to Space – the connection between energy & environmental policies to Space Please address book proposals using the standard Routledge book proposal to Prof. Everett Dolman ( and Prof. Thomas Hoerber ( We are looking forward to receiving your take on space policy, which may take us where no one has gone before.

Thomas Hoerber


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