Sport & EU - 18th Annual Conference

Date: Tuesday, 25 - Wednesday, 26 June 2024
Conveners: Sport&EU, ESSCA EU*Asia Institute (Professor Albrecht Sonntag)
Venue:ESSCA Angers (1 rue Lakanal, Angers, France) - Amphi Churchill, rooms J809 & J810

As each year, the Sport&EU conference strives to have a distinctly multi-disciplinary character. Papers will cover a wide variety of priority areas.

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Click here to download the programme (latest update: 19 June 2024)

keynote speakers announced!

The EU-Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management is pleased to announce the keynote speeches for the 18th Annual Sport&EU Conference.

Dikaia Chatziefstathiou - keynote speaker at the 18th Sport&EU Annual Conference at ESSCA, Angers

Dikaia Chatziefstathiou

With one month to go before the opening of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, we are more than delighted to welcome Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Director of the Research Environment at the School of Psychology and Life Sciences of Canterbury Christ Church University. A renowned expert in Olympic Studies, editor of the Routledge Handbook of Olympic and Paralympic Games, she will speak about “The learning legacy of the Olympic Crisis Response”.

The Olympic Movement has responded to many crises in its history such as bribery scandals, the Olympics sustainability problem, the COVID-19 pandemic and many others. How did the IOC respond to those crises? How did the crises change the organisation's identity and values. And what is the IOC’s learning legacy for future crises, Olympic or not?


Snežana Samardžić-Marković - keynote speaker at the 18th Sport&EU Annual Conference at ESSCA, Angers

Snežana Samardžić-Marković

After having served over ten years as Director General for Democracy in the Council of Europe, Snežana Samardžić-Marković, former Minister of Youth and Sport in Serbia, currently works as independent senior consultant on an Initial Human Rights Impact Assessment commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

She will speak about the research work and method behind this report, due to be published later this year, developing on the delicate interplay between a strategy of deterrence and the safeguarding of athletes’ human rights.


Silvija Mitevska - keynote speaker at the 18th Sport&EU Annual Conference at ESSCA, Angers

Silvija Mitevska

Silvija Mitevska is the founder and Managing Director at Sport Social Solutions, based in Skopje, North Macedonia. Her presentation will explore her personal trajectory in sport diplomacy at both local and national levels, bringing together insights from both the sports sector and governmental action on leveraging sport to advance certain national or foreign policy goals.

She will also address the importance of women's perspectives in this domain and explore avenues to enhance female engagement in sport diplomacy initiatives.



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The conference is organised with the support of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence UniPaix at Nantes Université, in partnership with the European think tank Sport and Citizenship and the sportanddev international platform for sport and development.

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