We are glad to announce that Stefano Valdemarin, member of the EU-Asia Institute, received the Atlas-AFMI 2019-2020 best thesis award in International Management.


Stefano VALDEMARIN defended his thesis entitled « Network development in international organizations: The case of ONLYLYON » on November 25, 2019 at the University Lyon III Jean Moulin. The thesis was supervised by Ulrike MAYRHOFER and is written in English. Stefano VALDEMARIN poses the question of how organizations can develop their international networks. The thesis is strongly positioned in the field of international management. In order to answer his research question, Stefano VALDEMARIN conducted 103 participant observations and 36 interviews in France and Italy, which he analyzed with skill, using NVivo software.

The thesis has excellent academic qualities, which is shown in particular by the clear link between theory, the empirical method and the results. The thesis identifies individual dynamics in networks and brings a new perspective to the field of international management.

The jury unanimously decided to award the Atlas-AFMI 2019-2020 best thesis award to Stefano VALDEMARIN and proposes his thesis for the « best thesis 2020 in Management Sciences » award, organized by the FNEGE.


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