FIRE stands for Football Including REfugees in Europe, and the project is currently “on fire” as it comes to its end in June 2021. No worries, we might be spoiling a few of you, but the follow-up project, fittingly named FIRE+, is already underway.

The FIRE project is based on the idea that sport is a universal language that brings people together, regardless of their nationality, cultural background, skin colour… And with the enthusiasm that generates football all over the world, it goes without saying that it is more than just a sport, it is a passion that unites people and is, therefore, a powerful tool of social integration.
That is why FIRE particularly supports grassroots football organisations in their projects and initiatives to welcome asylum seekers, refugees and migrants into their new host societies. To this end, FIRE has produced a training tool in the form of a freely accessible MOOC which you can now register for.

In four modules, you will learn from experts and other volunteers how to set up a project, how to reach out to refugees, how to monitor and evaluate your projects and how to mobilise partners effectively.

With FIRE+ additional resources will be available as this project will expand its themes to the inclusion of women and girls, and children and non-accompanied minors.

Both projects are coordinated by the Sport and Citizenship think tank and funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.
Alongside other partners, ESSCA is presented by its Institute of Advanced Pedagogy and Albrecht Sonntag for the EU*Asia Institute.


  • ESSCA (France)
  • Football Against Racism in Europe – FARE Network (United Kingdom)
  • Fundacion La Liga del Futbol Professional (Spain)
  • Fundacja Dla Wolnosci (Pologne)
  • Romanian Football Federation (Romania)
  • Union Royale Belge des sociétés de Footbal (Belgium)
  • Scottish Football Association (United Kingdom)

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