Christopher Williams is a Professor in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and International Business Department at ESSCA School of Management in Paris.
Christopher WILLIAMS
Professeur de stratégie - ESSCA

This textbook provides students with the skills and techniques necessary to analyse business case studies from a strategic perspective. With career development and impact in mind, the book goes beyond simply listing tools, instead teaching students how to prepare for a major strategic business case analysis project, how to position their analysis on a spectrum from reductionist to holistic approaches, how to critically engage with theory and case data, as well as how to leverage their work after completion.

A logical approach is offered, taking the reader through the analysis journey, from preparing to analyse a case study to conducting the analysis and maximising the impact going forwards. A comprehensive analysis task is incorporated, which asks the reader to reflect on a range of case data, understand the choices of analytical positioning and tool selection, and develop an analysis based on this positioning. Further pedagogical features include:

  • Reflective practice exercises at the end of chapters, allowing the student to self-identify areas of strength and weakness as they develop through the process.
  • Worked examples based on cases reproduced in the book, allowing the student to follow the analytical process that the author went through in different analysis modes.
  • Quotes and analysis insights from former students who have previously conducted a strategic business case analysis, aiding reflective practice.

As case study analysis continues as a core component of teaching across business schools, this unique text will help to build key skills in advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, and executive education students conducting strategic business case analysis. Support material includes PowerPoint slides as well as video content.

Author: Christopher Williams
Published December 7, 2023 by Routledge, 224 pages

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