On 18/19 July 2019, ESSCA hosted the 23rd conference of the International Public Management Network (IPMN) on its Paris campus. This academic association was launched more than 20 years ago and brings together international specialists of research on public management, using an international and interdisciplinary approach. The network presently counts more than 1,600 members and aims to provide a forum for sharing ideas, concepts, research results and practices in the field of public administration. It also seeks to foster critical thinking on alternative approaches for problem-solving and decision-taking in the public sector.

A warm welcome at ESSCA by chairperson Roula Masou, student assistants, and Dean Jean Charroin.

The conference, organised by ESSCA professor Dr Roula Masou, allowed over 50 researchers from five continents to present their most recent studies on “Innovative Governance: Trends and Challenges”. As pointed out in his opening speech by Dean Jean Charroin, the conference theme was fully in line with ESSCA’s social values and interest in issues of governance.

Following the words of welcome and thanks by chairperson Roula Masou and ESSCA’s associate dean for research, Guillaume Schier, the main conference programme was kicked off with keynote speeches by Dr Clay Wescott, President of the IPMN, Professor Alex Murdock, emeritus at the London South Bank University (UK) and Gregg Van Ryzin, professor for public and administrative affairs at the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) of Rutgers University, Newark (USA).

The subject-matters addressed by the conference papers included

  • Global views on innovation and governance;
  • Sustainability, ethics, responsibility and public administration;
  • Collaborative governance: models, experiences and challenges;
  • Public-private partnerships: development of leadership and strategic human resources management;
  • Governance and performance management through the reform and innovation of States and local public authorities.

Intensive discussions.

In addition to panels and papers, the editors of the International Public Management Review (IPMR), the Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA) and the International Public Management Journal (IPMJ) were also present at the conference, presenting the journals and their academic requirements, while encouraging the participants to submit their research.

The exchange with the editors was praised as particulary rich and welcome by Professor Guillaume Schier in the closing session of the conference, in which he emphasised both the quality of the organisation and the high scientific standard of the event. The high-level presentations and rich exchanges provide for promising avenues for publications in highly ranked academic journals.

In her opening words, Roula Masou had encouraged participants to benefit from this academic gathering, to have an intellectually and scientifically stimulating dialogue and at the same time to enlarge their network of fellow researchers from all over the globe. At the end of an intensive two-day conference, this was exactly what had happened.

Further details on the conference programme (PDF) here: https://ipmn2019.sciencesconf.org/

Photo slideshow from the conference here: https://ipmn2019.sciencesconf.org/resource/gallery/id/21

For all further questions, feel free to contact Dr Roula Masou.




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