Save the date: Friday February 8, 2019

Brexit is an unprecedented event in the European integration process. The referendum campaign and the negotiation process that has been following since have raised many concerns, opening a new field of research for multidisciplinary studies. Since 2016, the debate on the numerous implications of Brexit for the United Kingdom and the remaining EU-27 member states has triggered many academic contributions, as has the discussion about its influence on the UK’s different territorial entities with regard to local governance and business sectors of regional importance. It seems, however, that limited consideration has been given to the impact of Brexit on the regions of the other European countries.

The EU*Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management will address this topic in a compact one-day workshop organised in partnership with Alliance Europa, The UK in a Changing Europe, and Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University. The workshop will be held at ESSCA’s main campus in Angers (France) on Friday 8 February 2019.

This call is for research papers from scholars at all levels, including postgraduate students, from all disciplines of the social sciences, as well as for contributions from interested practitioners.

Prior to the workshop, a public event addressing the anticipated political and business consequences of Brexit for the Pays-de-la-Loire region in Western France will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 7 February 2019. The event will bring together regional policymakers, business practitioners and academic experts. Although attendance of this event is by no means mandatory, participants at the Friday workshop are of course most welcome to attend.

The working language of the Friday’s workshop will be English. For the Thursday afternoon public event, simultaneous translation (French/English) will be provided.

Interested colleagues are kindly asked to submit a short abstract of 150-200 words of their contribution to the organisers Antonella Forganni ( & Albrecht Sonntag (

Deadline for submissions: Monday 10 December 2018. You will be notified if your application has been successful by 15 December 2018.

Please note that the organisers wish to experiment a ‘flipped conference panel’ format. This implies that paper-givers agree to submit, before 31 January 2019, a 10-minute podcast in which they present the ideas of their paper (no need for professional videos, a simple smartphone recording will be perfectly sufficient). These podcasts will be made available to all participants who are expected to consult them prior to arriving at the conference. During the panel, each paper-giver will have three minutes to recall the key points to the audience, before a discussant provides critical comment on the papers concerned and opens the floor for the debate. The idea is, obviously, to test a format, in which the limited conference time is mainly used for questions, answer and constructive exchange.

There are no registration fees to attend the workshop. Venue, coffee breaks and lunch will be covered by ESSCA School of Management and Alliance Europa.

Opportunities for future conference panels and publications will be discussed at the end of the workshop.

To download this call for papers in PDF format (one page), please click here.

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