On 12th of December 2018 – ESSCA students visited with Thomas Hoerber the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME) in Angers. They were welcomed by Noam LEANDRI, Head of ADEME.

Mr. LEANDRI explained that ADEME is responsible for the implementation of public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development since 26 years.



Four vocations are:

  1. Developing knowledge: ADEME organizes and contributes to the financing of research and innovation and to establishing and coordinating observation systems to better understand how industries are changing.
  2. Convincing and mobilising: Public information and awareness are essential to the success of environmental policies, therefore ADEME implements communication campaigns to change mind-sets, behaviours, purchasing and investment practices.
  3. Advising: ADEME acts in an advisory capacity to direct the decisions of actors in society and the economy, establishing tools and methods that suit their needs. Direct dissemination via expert advisers is a major way in which it provides its expertise.
  4. Assisting with implementation: ADEME provides graduated financial support and promotes the implementation of regional and national references.

Areas of interventions:


Land and polluted soils

Climate and energy

Air and noise

Sustainable production and consumption

Sustainable cities and territories

Head office in Angers has over 1.000 employees split between the three central sites in Angers, Paris and Valbonne. ADEME is present in 17 regional divisions, 13 in metropolitan France and 4 overseas, which linked 26 implantations across the country. ADEME has three representative bodies in overseas territories and one office in Brussels.

ADEME offers as well the possibility to realize a thesis

The thesis programme aims to strengthen national research capacities in the Agency’s fields of intervention. Since 1992, more than 1,500 students have benefited from this programme and then become professionally integrated as researchers in public institutions, companies, service professions or even to create their own company.

ADEME thesis programme

The expected thesis projects must involve a candidate, a host laboratory and a co-financing partner (public or private): the amount of ADEME co-financing being up to 50% of the doctoral student’s salary.

Thus, each year, about fifty thesis projects are selected (and co-financed by ADEME).

ADEME supports thesis projects on the following topics:
• Sustainable cities and territories
• Circular economy
• Sustainable energy
• Forestry, agriculture and bio-economy
• Pollution (indoor and outdoor air, polluted sites) and impacts
• Energy, resources, environment and society
Opportunity to carry out a thesis on the subjects of environment and energy
• (Project in partnership with a company or a community …)
• Status: CDD ADEME for 3 years: 1869 € gross/month increased by the third year (2168 €)
• Evaluation criteria: good level curriculum and adequacy with the work to be done, motivation for research
• Eligibility: Master’s level or equivalent, any nationality, any initial training (universities, engineers, architects …), no age limit



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