As during the previous academic year, the EU-Asia Institute has again partnered up with the Centre for Historical Studies of Sciences Po Paris for the seminar ‘Sport, Culture and Society’ organised by Paul Dietschy and David Ranc. In a series of sessions scheduled between October 2017 and May 2018, a variety of European researchers had the opportunity to present their ongoing research to an interested, critical audience of peers. 

Over the 2017-18 seasons, many of the topics addressed dealt with economic issues, such as the history of sport betting in Europe, the economy of sport in Italy, sport and tourism, etc. On 16 May, the Institute’s current PhD student, Ilker Gündogan, had the opportunity to present his own research on Chinese football, addressing both economic and political issues. 

The seminar was concluded with a workshop on 31 May 2018 entitled “For an economic history of sport” (programme here). 



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