On Tuesday, 31 May 2016, the 14th Shanghai Social Studies Colloquium (SSSC) took place at the Shanghai campus of ESSCA School of Management.

The SSSC is an initiative that provides a forum for international and Chinese scholars of various disciplines of the social sciences based in the city of Shanghai. The colloquium provides scholars with a platform to present and discuss their research, so as to exchange critique and research ideas, improve their research output, network and socialize, with a view to developing collaborative research projects.

EU-China relations are among the most important bilateral relations in global politics today. Europe and China are not only major trading partners but also share great responsibilities and obligations to the international community. However, obstacles such as China’s ‘market economy status’ still exist. Moreover, Europe’s debt crisis and the rise of protectionism challenge economic recovery while China is facing the ‘new normal’. To discuss recent bilateral relations and analyse opportunities for both, the 14th Shanghai Social Studied Colloquium was delighted to welcome Prof. Dr. Jörn-Carsten Gottwald, Chair of East Asian Politics, Faculty of East Asian Studies at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.


prof-joern-carsten-gottwald-360x270-prJörn-Carsten Gottwald holds the position of Professor for East-Asian Politics at the Ruhruniversität Bochum. Up and until 2011, he worked at the Free University of Berlin with a focus on the Politics of China and East-Asia; at the University of Trier, at the Chair for Governance – Politics and Economy in China; and at the National Univeristy of Ireland, Cork, at the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies.



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