Date: Monday, 3 July 2023
Convenor: EU*Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management
Venue: ESSCA Campus Lyon (4 Pont Pasteur, Lyon - France) & Online via Teams

The workshop will be held both in-person and online. If you would like to attend the event in person, please send an email to

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After the previous six successful interdisciplinary research workshops held by the ‘Governance of Sustainability in Europe’ network since 2018:

  • At ESSCA Lyon, by Pr Thomas Hoerber (2023)
  • At ESSCA Angers, by Pr Thomas Hoerber (2018 & 2021)
  • At ESSCA Bordeaux, by Dr. Gabriel Weber
  • At Roskilde University, Pr Helene Dyrhauge
  • At Andrassy University Budapest, by Pr Kristina Kurze

We are delighted to announce our writing workshop entitled “The European Environmental conscience in EU Economics: Finance, innovations, and external relations”. Building upon the success of previous gatherings of industry practitioners and scholarly experts in sustainable development research, we are pleased to invite them once more to actively participate in the collaborative process of writing a book for publication to be part of the Routledge Book Series: Governance of Sustainability in Europe.

This workshop aims to initiate the book production process following its acceptance by the Routledge publishing house, steering towards its successful completion and delivery to the readership.

This event will be held on the 3rd of July on the ESSCA Lyon campus and commence at 9:00 A.M with an introductory session led by our hosts, lasting for 30 minutes. Designed as a private gathering, it offers a unique opportunity for the participants to engage and collaborate in an immersed environment.

The workshop will be structured into 3 sessions, a total of 10 presentations, which include the following themes:

  • The growing role of green finance and sustainability-oriented financial regulation in the European Union
  • The influence of sustainability on the external relations of the European Union
  • The impact of innovation and knowledge transfer on sustainability in the European Union

We would like to thank each participant for their contribution and are looking forward to a successful & enriching workshop in Lyon.

A special thanks to our hosts: Prof Thomas Hoerber, Dr Christoph Weber and Dr Marjorie Tendero from ESSCA.

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Click here to log in to the workshop (via Teams)

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