11th December 2023 –  Matt Wallaert (Founder of BeSci.io & former head of Behavioral Science at Microsoft)

For almost 20 years, Matt WALLAERT has been applying behavioral science to practical problems. After leaving academia, his career as an executive lead from startups to the Fortune 500 and back again, before founding BeSci.io (Behavioral Science in organizations), where he and the world’s most experienced behavioral science leaders help companies grow applied behavioral science capabilities within their organizations.

Title of the talk: Competing Pressures: Designing for Behavior Change

When we build products, we often have very specific behavioral goals in mind, things we want users not just to think and feel but actually do.  And yet our design process so rarely takes what we know about changing behaviors into account.  Join behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert as he talks about how the cycle of behavioral strategy, insights, design, and impact evaluation can help us build products and services that change behavior.

This fourth session of online talks will be held in Lyon at Amphitheatre 2 (Amphi 002) and will also be accessible via Teams.

Join us on Monday 11th , December from 6pm to 7pm – Click here to join the meeting

 22nd November –  Dafni Skotida and Zach Mills (Ofcom)
Title: Applying behavioural insights to improve online safety: lessons learned from Ofcom’s Behavioral Insights Hub”

 30th October –  Diogo Conclaves (Nudge Portugal)
Title: Behavioral Science as a Tool for Innovation and Sustainability

 25th October –  Raoni Demnitz (Co-Founder and Director at EcoNudge)
Title: Behavioral Science and Climate Change Beyond Academia”

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