On the 6-7 of June 2019 the Space Policy Research Group of the EU*Asia Institute held the 10th Space Policy Workshop at ESRIN, ESA-facility in Frascati, Rome, Italy.

The event allowed experienced researchers, PhD candidates and students to present their work and to discuss critically the scientific approaches and outcomes.

Thomas Hoerber & Antonella Forganni

We were especially happy about the successful cooperation with ESA and would like to say thank you for welcoming us at the ESA facility in Frascati.

The workshop further strengthened ESSCA’s and the EU*Asia Institute’s reputation in the field of space policy research. The EU*Asia Institute plays a key-role in organising research within ESSCA and simultaneously has the ambition to reach researchers from outside of ESSCA.

The presented research output was compared with real-world activities, thanks to the contribution from members of ESA. The workshop was as well designed to prepare future publications in the field of space policy.

Ms. Forganni and Mr. Hoerber presented the latest achievements such as three edited books with Routledge and Lexington and two Special issues in Space Policy. They presented a series of editorship in the Routledge book series: Space Power and politics with a call for contributions available online.

Moreover, they announced a new book coming in the Space Power and Politics series. They emphasised that Commercialisation of Space is becoming more and more evident in the advent of private enterprises using space and applications, which need space infrastructure.

Find below the authors and their presentation topics:

Session I 

Nikita CHIU, University of Oxford, Global Space Governance for Sustainability on Earth and in Space 

Matthea BRANDENBURG, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, From Past to Present: Analysing the Impact of Historical Events and Political Rhetoric on the European Space Agency and NASA 

Per HOYLAND & Christina GIANNOPAPA, European Space Agency (ESA), A Space Force in Europe?  

Session II 

Sarah LIEBERMAN, Canterbury Christ Church University, The growing private sector and its impact on national space activity and on the possibility of an international space regime. 

Estelle GODARD, Sciences Po (Paris), Christopher VASKO, ESA (Paris) & Christina GIANNOPAPA, ESA (Paris), Human Space Activities and Space Tourism   

Maëlle RENAULT, ESSCA Angers, Commercialization of the Space sector. 

Session III 

Lorna RYAN, University of London, Commercialisation of the Space Sector: Intellectual Property Rights  

Andrew THOMAS, Montfort University (Leicester), China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” in Earth Orbit 

Angeliki PAPADIMITRIOU, University Paris-Sud, Ntorina ANTONI, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe) & Christina GIANNOPAPA, ESA (Paris), Perspective on the Future of European Launching Bases: Challenges and opportunities 

Harald KOEPPING ATHANASOPOULOS, Environmental protection in the solar system: Towards an ethic of space resource utilization  


  • Résumé of the workshop, Thomas HOERBER & Antonella FORGANNI  
  • Publication perspectives  
  • External funding perspective applications 



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