Both post-Brexit Europe and pre-election America have entered a very complicated year 2020. Over the last three and a half years, both American democracy and transatlantic relations have been impacted by the election, policies, and style of Donald Trump. In order to have a good understanding what is at stake for Europe in this election year, it is appropriate to take stock of the changes in the most important areas of transatlantic cooperation.

In a contribution to the policy papers series of the renowned Robert Schuman Foundation, Anna Dimitrova, expert on transatlantic relations based on ESSCA’s Paris campus, provides a very helpful guide. Her analyses lays particular focus on what remains of the so-called “special relationship”, the present and future of NATO, as well as economic relations in the context of Donald Trump’s “trade wars”. The text is available in both English and French, and can be very conveniently downloaded in PDF format:

Anna Dimitrova, ‘The State of the Transatlantic Relationship in the Trump Era’, European Issues, policy paper no. 545 of the Robert Schuman Foundation 3 February 2020.

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