Space Policy Workshop - Feminism and Space

Visions for Space – new ideas, new horizons and the final frontier

Date: 9-10 June 2022
Venue: International Space University, Strasbourg (France)
Conveners: EU-Asia Institute, ESSCA School of Management, the International Space University (ISU) and Niklas Nienaß, Member of the European Parliament

The ESSCA standing research group on European space policy has been very active in recent years.

Within the reputable book series “Space Power and Politics” which Thomas Hoerber co-edits with Everett Dolman at Routledge, the most recent of a number of books on European Space Policy is Thomas Hoerber Antonella Forganni (eds.) (2021), European Integration and Space Policy – A growing Security Discourse, Routledge, London.
A Routledge Space Handbook and a Special Issue on ‘Space Policy’ in the International Spectator are under preparation.

For this 14th ESSCA Space Policy Workshop, we would like to invite for new paper proposals. With a future publication opportunity in mind, we would be particularly interested in papers on Visions for Space, new ideas, new horizons and the final frontier of a European Space Policy.

Contributions can address the following topics:

  • The popularization of Space
  • Science Fiction and its impact on our vision of Space
  • Feminism and Space
  • Diversity in the Space Sector
  • Sustainability in and from Space
  • Justice or Conquest of Space
  • Regulation and the reform of international law of Space

On this basis, we invite research papers from scholars at all levels, including postgraduate students, and particularly welcome submissions from practitioners in the field.

Please send an abstract of 150-200 words to Professor Thomas Hoerber (

Deadline: Friday, 18 March 2022

You will be notified if your application has been successful, at the latest, a month later.

There are no registration fees for this workshop. Venue, lunch and coffee breaks will be covered by the convenors.
Click here to download the call for papers

ESSCA School of Management – Silke Leukefeld:
International Space University – Nicolas Peter:
Office of MEP Niklas Nienaß – Tim Schloesser:

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