Nowadays the African continent is more than ever attracting the world’s most powerful countries. We are all familiar with the first historical “Scramble for Africa”, that saw the African continent occupied, divided and colonized by the most powerful European countries between 1881 and 1914. Is there a New Scramble for Africa? If yes, who are the new players? And what is China’s role in these developments?

On Wednesday, September 26th, the lecture ‘China and the New Scramble for Africa’ was organized by China Crossroads and The ESSCA School of management in Shanghai. D. Nkwetato Tamonkia as our guest speaker will present his perspective with us. He is the Chairperson and Head of the African Chamber of Commerce in China.

China is becoming increasingly involved in trade with African countries (Source: The Economist & Waystocap)


In the first part, Mr. Nkwetato shared ideas based on his multi-dimensional view of society and the keys to the success of individuals, organizations and businesses. What are the perceptions of China in Africa? Which aspect and how to shape the perceptions in the past and in near future? Mr. Nkwetato clarified his points from positive and negative facts. He believes that the African Chamber is “the ultimate connection through which companies and individuals that see a bright future in Africa can get started; a springboard for African youths aspiring for a better future”.

Subsequently, there was the discussion between Mr. Nkwetato and participators. Investors, businessmen and researchers from different countries, presented their viewpoints and asked questions as well. With the leading questions putting heads together, the lecture entered into the peak.

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