Just in time for ‘We”re in the final!’ concluding conference of the FREE Project, to be held in Brussels on Tuesday 17 March, issue 7 of the FREE newsletter was released last week. Besides the detailed conference programme, the issue includes a report on the successful conference on governance and stakeholders that took place in Loughborough University in October 2014, and other news from the network.

As Albrecht Sonntag points out in his editorial, the newsletter, like the website, will be continued after the official end of the FREE project’s funding period. FREE will be present at the forthcoming World Congress on Science and Football in Copenhagen in May, at the 10th Conference of the Sport & EU association in Angers end of June, as well as at the 45th UACES Annual European Studies Conference in Bilbao in September.

Even more importantly, research output will begin to be released, like the two complete ‘Key Findings Reports’ of the quantitative surveys; three PhD dissertations will be defended; and the brand new ‘Football in an Enlarged Europe’ book series will be launched by Palgrave Macmillan publishers.

In other words: this website has not seen the last of the FREE project yet!

To consult or download the newsletter, please click here.

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