Date: Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 10:00 am, Online via TEAMS
Convenor: EU*Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management

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We are pleased to announce the EU*Asia Institute’s first Master’s Conference to showcase the outstanding research work of 3 ESSCA Master's students.

This conference aims to create a platform for the best Master’s students to present and discuss their research, encouraging mutual improvement and intellectual growth. Attendees can expect insightful discussions on various topics, ranging from environmental and social impacts to geopolitical and economic considerations.


Fanny Gantier (Tutor: Katia PICAUD-BELLO)

Topic: Market of lanthanides (Rare-earth element) and its impacts on European printed circuit board market.

Rare earths play a crucial role in various technological applications as essential components of all kinds of electronic devices. However, the cost of extraction and uneconomical processes make it difficult to meet the growing global demand.

In her thesis, Fanny examines the evolution of this critical market over the past 15 years. She explores the challenges arising from China's dominance, considers potential alternative sources, and investigates the environmental and social implications of rare earth mining.

Zacharey Norman (Tutor: Gabriel WEBER)

Topic: Roadmaps for Resilience: A Cross-Nation Analysis of Recovery & Resilience Plans.

Abstract: Zacharey investigates the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Facility and its potential to enhance supply chain resilience. Highlighting a discrepancy in the implementation of recovery plans among EU member states, his research explores the reasons behind this lag and emphasizes the crucial alignment needed between governments and constituents for successful plan execution.


Topic: Impact Social des Innovations Environnementales: Emplois, Qualité de Vie et Durabilité.

Abstract: Maelly's research delves into the social impact of environmental innovations, focusing on the intersection with social precarity. With a central question on how these innovations affect society, her study analyses their consequences on crucial aspects of daily life, such as food and housing.

Maelly’s presentation will be in French.

Join us for this conference, which we intend as a forum for academic exchange and critical insights. It is open to all who share an interest in research and offers an opportunity to engage with the next generation of researchers and thought leaders.

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