Each October, Euradio, the award-winning radio station with a resolutely European perspective, starts into its new season. Having renewed his engagement for another year, Albrecht Sonntag has resumed his weekly editorial (in French) on European politics, though on a new slot: rather than in the morning, his column is now broadcast on Thursday afternoons, around 5:50 pm, just before the 6 o’clock news. And the editorial is made immediately available on the radio’s website as podcast on soundcloud, but also in text format.

Writing quality editorials takes time, but it’s well worth the effort, as Albrecht Sonntag points out:

“What I enjoy most on Euradio is the liberty of tone and topic that I am granted – Euradio speaks about political, social and cultural issues in a European perspective, has a pro-European DNA, but is not the voice of the European institutions and always has the necessary critical distance.

What’s more, the entire concept of this unique radio station training young journalists in a multilingual, open-minded environment, deserves to be supported. I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve this remarkable initiative with a modest contribution.”

In the first three editorials of the new season, he has spoken about the persistent attractiveness of populist rhetoric across Europe, the problematic use of the concept “the people” in the contemporary political debate, and, on a lighter note, the remarkable Europe-wide grassroots initiative #footballpeople weeks that takes place in the second half of October each year.

More to come, each Thursday at 5:50 pm, until June 2020!

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