???????????????????????????????An article by Assen Slim figures in the latest issue of the reputed peer-reviewed economics journal Economie appliquée, published since 1946 by the Institute for Applied Mathematical and Economic Sciences (ISMEA, Paris).

Written in French and entitled ‘Renouveau de la décroissance : qu’apportent les auteurs français ?’, the article focuses on the work of contemporary French authors on Degrowth, a topic that Assen has already worked on previously and on which he has become a renowned expert in the media.

The main idea of these authors is based on the view that all existing growth models are both ecologically unsustainable and socially unjust. French authors are thus following an older tradition of critique of the society of consumption, which was developed since the 1960s. The article presents the ideas and arguments of this French school of thought, explores the theoretical underpinning of their approaches and analyses their limits.


Article reference: Slim, Assen (2015), ‘Renouveau de la décroissance : qu’apportent les auteurs français ?’, Économie appliquée, ISMEA, Tome LXVIII, n°1, pp. 5-32.

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