Considered as one of the largest global academic publishers within humanities and social sciences, Routledge specializes in publishing and distribution of scientific, academic, and professional books, journals, and online resources.

Many of Routledge’s reference works are published in print and electronic formats and the company also publishes several online encyclopedias and collections. These online platforms connect readers to knowledge in just one click. They are built around their needs and aim to facilitate discovery and give access to relevant research.

Professor Thomas Hoerber, head of the EU*Asia Institute, has already been published by Routledge with several books on European Space Policy and Sustainable Development and environment.

He has now been appointed General Editor for The Routledge Online Encyclopedia for European Studies.

This new platform will provide cutting-edge research reflecting worldwide perspectives on Europe with the aim to progressively cover all areas of European Studies. Regular updates will guarantee its growth with society’s evolutions and its changing points of interest. The platform is also meant to vulgarize the research on European Studies for use in universities, colleges, and by the general interested public.

The editors call upon all interested parties to reply to this call for contributions with an abstract of no more than 300 words on their research expertise. Please send your abstract to

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