Security Jam Poster
If you believe that your voice remains unheard in decision-making, the ‘Security Jam’ gives you a unique opportunity to try a different way of innovative, participatory brainstorming and debate. Rather than letting top-level decision-makers define policies behind closed doors, the Security Jam is an attempt to bring together ‘the brainpower of thousands of experts around the world on key security issues.’

Between 14 and 16 October 2014, the third edition of the Security Jam will open up for discussions among policy makers, civil society, academics and business representatives. The Jam will be open for debate for over 54 hours and offers participants a platform to discuss topics as diverse as strategic partnerships, crisis management, future capabilities and cyber-security. Experts from leading think-tanks around the world will moderate the discussions to produce top recommendations.

The organisers of the Security Jam 2014 invite you to ‘seize this opportunity to share your ideas with world leaders! Whether you are a soldier in Afghanistan, a researcher in Stockholm or a diplomat in Kenya, the quality of your ideas is all that matters.’

Participants can take part in open discussions and the free exchange of ideas with colleagues around the globe. Participants are also involved in selecting the most innovative ideas. These will inform a final document of ‘Top 10 Recommendations’ providing a roadmap for the new EU and NATO leaderships, to whom these collective preferences and recommendations will be presented at a high-level event in Brussels. The report will also be distributed to thousands of top policymakers and decision-makers across the public-private divide globally. Registering is easy and free of charge.

The EU-Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management supports this innovative initiative for more participatory debate as coalition partner.


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