A virtual conference about real issues; this is how the 51st UACES conference took place from the 6th to 8th of September 2021. Behind their screens, but with all eyes on Europe; this is how academics took part in the different sessions.
From universities across Europe, and even across oceans, academics discussed topics on all aspects of European Studies. These three days gave us a preview of the future of Europe within the framework “Live, Eat and Travel: Implementing the European Green Deal”.

Linking the European Green Deal to the UN 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, highlighted the scope of sustainability. It requires not only the attention of many academic disciplines and fields of expertise, but also the attention of what is happening abroad.

Albrecht Sonntag on Sport Diplomacy

Agriculture, mobility, poverty, education, technology, health, policy, gender; nothing escaped the attentive sight of the audience. Among them, we found academics from the ESSCA School of Management, Albrecht Sonntag, Thomas Hoerber and Antonella Forganni. In the session entitled “EU Foreign Policy: sectoral case studies from low to high politics”, Albrecht Sonntag presented “Sport Diplomacy beyond the Nation State – the case of the EU”, giving insights on the development of a still little-investigated area.

Antonella Forganni on European Space Policy

Antonella Forganni covered European Space Policy and its link with sustainable policies in European integration.

Thomas Hoerber on Sustainability and European Integration

We heard from Thomas Hoerber in sessions about “The Role of Europe in Global Challenges” with three perspectives: food and agriculture, and the impact of EU policy on third world countries and the achievement of sustainable value chains; Mobility, with mobility policies focused on sustainable transport; and International Dimensions, looking into different areas including the effects of Covid-19 on sustainability goals.

Following the UACES Conference, we are planning an author workshop at the Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU) in Darmstadt, Germany from 2-3 December 2021. We are planning a joint publication project, such as a special issue or an edited book.

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