Funded by ALLIANCE EUROPA, this call for papers welcomes papers that analyse the changing nature of the governance for sustainability and its impact on the process of European integration. This call invites papers on sustainable development, encompassing all its dimensions – economic, and social and environmental sustainability. Our understanding of the concept of sustainability has changed over time for example through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals and a more narrow definition of sustainability through the lens of climate and energy actions. This leads to the question of to what extent a European model of sustainability has emerged.

Papers should address the dynamics of European integration in the fields of sustainability policy and action, including providing insights into the diverse reasons for the European Union to position energy, climate, environment, waste, and water at the centre of its actions on sustainability. However, these are not the only policy arenas influenced by European sustainability action. Contributions on new economic models [such as the evolution of the European social business initiative] that are concerned with establishing action leading to sustainable development are also welcome.

Overall, we invite contributions focusing on the political agenda of the EU with regard to environment and energy issues, sustainable business models and approaches to social policies.

The papers should address at least one of the following themes:

– Evolution of a European environmental conscience

– Interdependency of energy, environmental, and climate policy (or other policies e.g. water, waste, and transport) as well as their repercussions for the politics, policies and polity of the EU

– European social policies, such as redistribution mechanisms with the objective of sustainable development

– New economic models, such as the evolution of the European social business initiative, or “post growth”, which is supported by various political groups in the European Parliament aiming to re-think future policies and discuss alternatives respecting the environment, human rights and viable economic development (

– The EU as a Global Actor in Sustainability Policy.

Please send an abstract of approx. 200 words to Helene Dyrhauge by Monday 14th January 2019 at the latest (the UACES deadline is 20th January 2019). If we can fit your paper into a coherent panel, we will apply to the conference organisers on your behalf and offer them complete panels (which are preferred to individual papers by UACES). Normally, the UACES Conference committee informs us in March if we have been successful.


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