Thomas Hoerber, the director of the EU-Asia Institute, and Alain Anquetil, business ethics professor at ESSCA School of Management, have coedited a new book that has just been released by Palgrave Macmillan: Economic Theory and Globalization. This publication aims at presenting, in an accessible manner, several economic theories described by major thought-leaders from the history of economics, such as Smith, Marx or Keynes, and link them to today’s globalization process.

The volume is in the straight continuation of a 2017 publication by Thomas Hoerber: Hayek vs Keynes – A Battle of Ideas, which already confronted leading economic theories that are being rediscovered for having aquired new relevancein our current economic context.

Thomas Hoerber, who contributed the chapters on Edmund Burke and Friedrich von Hayek, and Alain Anquetil, who wrote the chapters on John Stuart Mill and Adam Smith, are however not the only authors from ESSCA. Assen Slim contributed the chapter on Josef Schumpeter, Gabriel Weber the one on Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, and David Rees, one of the school’s long-standing adjunct teachers, wrote on John Maynard Keynes. They were completed by Paul Prew (Minnesota State University, Mankato) and independent scholar Fanny Verrax with chapters on Karl Marx and Elinor Ostrom respetively.

The book reveals the remarkable currency of these historical thinkers. There is much we can still learn from them today. Their theories do certainly not point in the same direction, but they all provide answers to many of today’s questions about how economic activity should be put to the best use of society.

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