The project : history and context

Since 2021, ESSCA has been a partner in the STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) project, a consortium of researchers in Family Business and Transgenerational Entrepreneurship.

Created in 2005 by Babson College, HEC Paris, Jönköping International BS, Bocconi University, ESADE, the University of St Gallen and the University of Whitten-Herdecke, it aims to promote research, teaching and engagement with professionals through teams of affiliates (more than 50 affiliated institutions spread over 4 regions (North America, Latin America, South East Asia and Europe).

In its participation in the project, ESSCA's team is committed to:

  • collecting qualitative and quantitative data in accordance with the STEP policy
  • submitting at least one complete case to the database every three years
  • collect and contribute to the database using the STEP questionnaires
  • participate in STEP events (summits, academic meetings, governance)
  • disseminate the research and involve members of the institute in the STEP project.