Institut des Transports et Mobilités Durables de l'ESSCA - Technopôle CFA Pilotes de l’Erier

In April 2013, in the context of the creation of the Technopôle CFA de l'Erier (Network of CFA pilots), the Institute applied to manage the structuring of a group to prefigure the governance and scientific content of this project. The members of the institute in charge of this project therefore had to structure the prospective part of this new structure. The project aims to give the Technopole a leading role in terms of steering the automotive after-sales professions, both prospectively and technologically. The Technopole is intended to become a resource for all the players in the region's automotive ecosystem: employers, young professionals, manufacturers, and equipment suppliers, to name just a few. The aim of this technology centre is to be a source of information on the after-sales professions through technological, economic and societal developments.