22nd of July 2019 – French President Macron used the occasion of the Bastille Day to reveal his plan to establish a French space command.

EU*Asia Instiute Director Thomas Hoerber was interviewed by Norimitsu Onishi from the New York Times to analyse the role of the French initiative within the broader European Space Policy.

Professor Hoerber stressed the fact that “France is the biggest and most important country, but going it alone would be close to impossible.”


Director Department for International Affairs

EU*Asia Institute Director, Thomas Hoerber

Read the full article here.

This article shows once again the expertise within the EU*Asia Institute ranging from topics such as sustainability to space policy. The EU*Asia Institute’s affiliates are regularly interviewed by regional and global newspaper. We consider this as an important part of our work, to translate scientific expertise into analysis accessible to the broader public.

Click the image to get to the New York Times article.



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