Cover special edition Asia Trends #7 KoreaAsia Trends : L’Asie à la Source – Key Insights & Analyses” is a bi-annual bilingual, cross-disciplinary bulletin published by the Asia Centre, an independent research institute
These publications provide in-depth analyses of current debates and strategic trends based on local sources. They aim to contribute to a better understanding of regional and global dynamics from an Asian perspective. Every issue focuses on a transversal topic and tracks current events in the region through the diversity of local views from China, Japan and Korea, as well as South and Southeast Asia.

The focus of Asia Trends #7 is on South Korea. To mark the launch of this special issue, the Asia Centre is organising an exclusive event with the South Korean Embassy in France this Wednesday 13 October. Our research fellow Paul André has contributed to this publication with his analysis: “Is Korea on the threshold of G7? A public choice approach: strategic opportunities and challenges ahead in the perspective of an enlarged G7” and will be present at this event.

This event will be held remotely and in person. Click here for detailed information on this event.

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