Workshop – 28 March 2019 (ESSCA Aix-en-Provence)

International business in an era of economic nationalism, populism and anti-globalization

Type: Workshop

Venue ESSCA Campus Aix-en-Provence, Room P08

Date: 28th March, 2019, 9:30 – 12:30

Programme: Download the Full Programme here.

Papers presented

Anna Dimitrova & Alexandre Bohas, “International business at a time of nationalism: Evidence with FDI in EU”

Viatcheslav Avioutskii, “Geopolitics as an FDI determinant in the CEECs”

Lydia Kernevez, “Rising international business risk and Global value chains: the rational for offshoring”

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The international scene has seen the rise of national rhetoric in the Western world but also in emerging countries, which was followed by policies favouring protectionism and domestic companies. In recent times, political populism, epitomized by the Trump administration and the Brexit campaign, has boosted this political tendency (Rodrik, 2018).​

After many decades of liberalization, deregulation and free trade policies, the state is on the rise, at least in the populist discourse. Consequently, this major trend has significantly changed the framework for international business and implied modifications of the way multinational enterprises (MNEs) operate in the global market. ​

In this context, a number of academic journals have launched special issues about this new rise and configuration of business. It has also triggered renewed interest in the political sides of business and the role of the state. For instance, the Multinational Business Review has called for papers on the subject of ‘Open for Business in a Closed World: Managing MNE Nonmarket Strategy in Times of Populism and Geopolitical Uncertainty’ (deadline March 1st, 2020). All these new foci are opportunities for publications at the crossroads of business, economics and political science. ​

To this end, this Paper Development Workshop organized by Alexandre Bohas and Anna Dimitrova, professors and researchers at the International Studies and Business Department at ESSCA, aims at advancing papers by economists, political studies scientists and business analysts for publications in management and international business peer-reviewed journals. ​

Associate Professor Department for International Affairs

Anna Dimitrova

Associate Professor Department for International Affairs

Alexandre Bohas

Associate Professor Department for International Affairs

Viatcheslav Avioutskii

Head of Cholet Campus Department for International Affairs

Lydia Kernevez








Workshop Programme


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