Call for papers

Energy and Environmental policies – their interdependence in European integration and in creating sustainability

Date: 3-4 October 2019

Venue: Roskilde University, Denmark, (50 min by train from Copenhagen airport and with good train connections to other European countries)

Call for Paper: PDF

The interdisciplinary research workshop aims to bring together scholars and practitioners in the field of energy and environmental policy research to focus on analysing how the interdependence of these policies influences efforts to develop a coherent and comprehensive sustainability policy.

Sustainability encompasses all its dimensions i.e. environment, economic and social aspects, and these dimensions relate to other policy areas (e.g. waste, water, transport, security). Thus, the overall framework for the workshop focuses on how the interdependence between policies influences sustainability.

The objective of the workshop is to analyse the dynamic of European integration in relation to sustainability policies at all levels, i.e. local, national, EU and global, drawing on different perspectives, such as Europeanisation, economics and business models to understand how actions influence ability to develop comprehensive sustainability policies. Moreover, the workshop aims to establish an interdisciplinary study group on European energy and environment issues leading to joint funding applications.

The focus of the workshop is to provide insights into the diverse reasons for the European Union to position energy and environment at the centre of its actions on sustainability and its commitment to a transition to a low carbon society by 2050. We invite contributions dealing with the political agenda of the EU, business solutions and economics models with regard to environment and energy issues.

Paper proposals should address at least one of the following themes:

  • Interdependence of energy, environmental, and climate policy (or other policies e.g. water, waste, and transport), as well as their repercussions for the politics, policies and polity of the EU and its member states
  • New economic models, such as the evolution of the European social business initiative in relation to energy and environment
  • The EU as a Global Actor in energy and environment
  • General analysis of the political agenda of the EU with regard to environment and energy issues

Proposed outputs include:

  1. To convene a panel [s] for the 2020 University Association for Contemporary European Studies[UACES] Annual Research Conference – submission deadline January 2020.
  2. An edited book based on selected contributions from the call for papers and invited contributors.[Peer review of all workshop papers will be undertaken].

Helene Dyrhauge

Director Department for International Affairs

Thomas Hoerber


Please send an abstract of 200 words to Helene Dyrhauge and Thomas Hoerber

Deadline for paper proposals: Thursday 19 July 2019

You will be notified if your application has been successful by Monday 2 August 2019.

There are no registration fees for this workshop. Alliance Europa will cover lunch and coffee breaks. Some travel funding may be available for young, early career researchers.

The workshop is organised within the scope of the Governance of Sustainability Network. Find further information on the following websites:

Call for Paper: PDF


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