Associate Professor of Business Ethics, CSR and management - ESSCA

The starting point was the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank in the USA. It was followed by the collapse of other banks such as Signature Bank and the liquidity needs of First Republic Bank. Then came the collapse of Credit Suisse, which ended with its sale to UBS. These two weeks of turmoil in the banking sector raise fears of what could happen in the worst case scenario: a financial crisis.

The most repeated message at the moment is a call for calm from the institutions themselves, but also from the central banks. How big are the real risks of this new banking collapse? How is it compatible with anti-inflationary policies?

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gressieux, professor at ESSCA and specialist in business ethics, was interviewed about this in the programme "En Primera Plana", broadcast by France 24 throughout South America.

The programme focused on the regulatory and ethical aspects of the SVB's bankruptcy and the problems facing the banking sector.

The replay of the programme (in Spanish) can be found below.


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