As Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba pointed out so well, “In other countries, e-commerce is just to go shopping, whereas in China it’s a lifestyle”. “This country is a genuine laboratory to understand the new generations of consumers which will soon arrive in the Western world,” comments Frédéric Raillard, Vice Chairman of our pedagogic board and co-founder of advertising agency Fred & Farid, one of the rare agencies to have successfully established in China.

Need for a bridge

Not a single European company wishing to succeed in China, whatever the product, service or sector, can afford to do without digital. The use of mobile and social networks by the population is 5 years ahead of us! Alibaba has offices in France. Following on from their domestic market, there is no doubt that these Chinese giants have big plans to expand into Europe. This dual movement, a need for skills among European advertisers expanding into China and among Chinese advertisers launching on the European market, has just emerged and promises to see exponential growth.

Whatever your profile, our double degree is made for you! Be the first to offer businesses a new profile: be the Bridge for digital transformation between Europe and China.