Today, companies are seeking out managers who can design and implement effective digital marketing strategies, integrating the analysis of massive data reported by connected objects or published each day on social networks. However, companies are struggling to recruit specialists and face a real shortage of experts in the field, particularly the “data-scientist” profile who demonstrates qualities in statistics, mathematics and computer sciences, in the operation of Big Data applied to marketing.

To equip graduates with the best knowledge of management and engineering, ESSCA will train high-level executives able to collect, aggregate, store and accelerate data processing through innovative algorithms. The curriculum centres on accompanying corporate directors in their decision-making processes, imagining tomorrow’s services, and anticipating new business needs.

This programme will prepare you to acquire skills such as agility in collecting and analysing multiple data sources across a variety of areas such as CRM, communication, risk management, or marketing. To reach this level, courses in intelligence, marketing, communication or statistics will be on par with practical cross-curricular projects.