Professor of Sustainable Marketing, Head of the Institute for Ethical fashion and ecological consumption - ESSCA

The integration of sustainability into the luxury industry is a topic of debate. Are the two notions complementary or opposite?

Regardless, companies, including luxury brands, need to urgently consider the environmental and social impacts of their activities. They also need to guide consumers towards sustainable options.

In the article, published on AMBA are some recommendations to encourage sustainability in luxury. The key is not always related to altruistic values, but can also be driven by self-expression, unique products, and egoism.

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For a more complete understanding of the results of our research, please refer to our paper published in Psychology & Marketing:
Eastman, J. K.Iyer, R., & Dekhili, S. (2021). Can luxury attitudes impact sustainability? The role of desire for unique products, culture, and brand self-congruence. Psychol Mark381881–1894

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