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The report ‘Fighting Fake News: Online Disinformation in Covid Times’ is one of seven research studies funded under the British Academy’s COVID-19 Recovery: building future pandemic preparedness and understanding citizen engagement in the G7 programme.

Funded by the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the reports examine COVID-19 vaccine engagement at local and community levels, and how policies and practices can help address this health crisis and build future pandemic preparedness.

In this report, the research team with scholars from various social science backgrounds and countries focuses on the online engagement processes between proponents of and opponents to vaccination, either individuals or organisations in France and Italy, and contrast this with the HPV vaccination discourse in Ireland.

The final report contains future policy recommendations relating to two areas:

  • the construction of systems of trust in health issues, and
  • the governance frameworks of online digital platforms in relation to disinformation online and the so-called fake news.

British Academy (2022), Fighting Fake News: Online Disinformation in Covid Times, The British Academy, London

Dr Itziar Castello, University of Surrey; Dr Elanor Colleoni, IULM University Milan; Dr Marie Joachim, Essca School of Management; Dr Noreen O’Meara, University of Surrey

Click here to download the report

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